So you love dogs AND catching pokemon?

So do we!

13669801_1045145285569561_3855029823309546910_nIt just so happens that we are in the midst of a charity fundraiser that could potentially marry those two loves and allow us to help save the lives of shelter dogs and cats while making sure we “catch em all”!

Best Friends Animal Society is running the Strut your Mutt fundraiser to raise awareness around and save the lives of shelter dogs across the United States.  9000 shelter animals are euthanized every day simply because there is no room for them.  That is why, as part of the strut your mutt charity fundraiser, we are participating in the 9000 steps challenge.

The challenge is simple, walk 9000 steps on the 9th of every month for the next 4 months.  But, we have decided to take that a step further(pun intended!) and walk 9000 steps every single day between now and then.  We are a little over 2 weeks into our streak and loving every second!

You and I both know that you walk 9000 steps looking for Mewtwo before breakfast! So why not join our team and support shelter dogs and cats while you embark on that epic quest???

It’s easy to sign up!  Best Friends requires a 25$ tax-deductible enrollment fee, that is counted as a personal donation to yourself, before you can join, but that is just a small drop in the pond compared to the good that will come of our efforts! We also have a team blog page where we can share our pokemon finds and just show off our general levels of awesomesauceitude!

So are you ready?13645295_1044585828958840_4919398721249697642_n

Check out our team page at for more info and to join our Strut your Mutt PokemonGo  glory team!