Anyone in rescue knows that the moment we see an animal in need, there isn’t even a question fo whether or not we are going to help.

So today, when we were catching a ride home from school, because it was pouring, we happened upon a portly, old dog lumbering down the sidewalk.  There was no one in sight, but we could see that she had a collar and tags so the “rescue bat signal” went off in both our heads.  Before K2 could even get the words out, my phone was on the dash and the door was opening so that I could go save this girl.

While the helping part is reflexive and instinctual, there is always a voice in the back of my head telling me to expect the unexpected when I am approaching an animal I don’t know.  I have prepared myself well for these type of situations though, I approach in a circular angle, remove the bass from my voice while speaking calmly and slowly, I make myself small and place my body at an angle away from the dog, and I only watch him/her out of the corner of my eye while looking somewhere else.  This is all to ensure the dog does not see me as a threat and turn to aggression out of fear.

That being said, all these things were also completely unnecessary with this sweet little girl!  As soon as she saw me, she was waddling over, butt wiggling all over the place.

Fortunately, there was a number on her tags, and after K2 called it, we find out that the landscapers had left the back of this man’s yard open and miss Lulu decided to have a stroll around the neighborhood!  He was at work, so we let him know what we do and that it would be no problem to hold on to her for a bit until he could come by and pick her up.

So for the next hour or so, we had a temporary foster!

The best part story for me though is seeing how the little lady is starting to understand what we are doing.  She asked me if we saved Lulu, to which I replied, “of course, my love”.  She then thought about it for a moment and said: “I’m glad, that’s a good thing”.  Makes me very proud!

So miss Lulu fattypants(surname added by me :P) is home now, probably telling the harrowing tale of her excursion into the world to anyone who will listen and we have done a good deed!