Mama Irelynn…..ADOPTED

IMG_1711Every time a dog that we have the pleasure of fostering gets adopted it is a happy day.  But, Mama Irelynn getting to her forever home is a little bit more special because of the arduous path she had to take to get there.  If you haven’t read her story yet, it’s worth a few minutes to do so, she truly is amazing. (Her Story)IMG_1712

From the moment she came through our doors, it was apparent that this poor girl had been spiritually, mentally, and physically broken.  She was so terrified of everything.  I remember the day she came, K2 and I looked at each other with a mixture of anxiety, sympathy, and frustration when it dawned on us that we had to take this shaking, petrified, skin and bones,  mama dog out of the back of the car.  It was a very real possibility that she was going to react aggressively–out of fear– to being relocated from the car to her new room.  We agreed that  K2 was going to wrap her in a comforter– as she was absolutely frozen in terror anytime I would come close to the car– and carry her upstairs.  Thankfully, she didn’t have any issues being moved. phew!

2016-05-01 13.49.19The process of rebuilding her psyche and alleviating her fears was a long one.  She was absolutely terrified of me(being a man).  I would make dozens of trips upstairs on a daily basis to drop off a treat to her.  No eye contact, no talking, nothing but treat at first.  It took 2 weeks of this for her to not run and hide when she heard me! During this time, K2 was Mama Irelynn’s saving grace and hero.  She spent countless hours upstairs with Mama working with her, showing her that there was no reason to be afraid, slowly but surely building her back up to the amazing dog she was always meant to be.  Irelynn formed a particularly strong bond with K2 that was amazing to watch.  It was like they shared a special connection that only Mom’s are capable of forming–this is a theory of mine has been shown true with every mom/puppy family we have fostered, K2 is a mom dog whisperer–

Eventually, through a lot of patience and hard work, we developed a special bond.  She would actually let me pet her, and the coup de gras, she actually jumped up into my arms once when we had a particularly severe thunderstorm!  My heart was officially stolen right then.2016-05-01 13.49.12

On top of her fear and anxiety, our girl was heartworm positive when she came to us.  Fortunately, her personality is the epitome of calm and it was easy to keep her under “crate rest” for the required month after her treatment.  But the time came when it was necessary for my girl to switch foster homes.  We had too much going on in the way of the sheer number of dogs running around, so in order to not take any steps back in her progress, we decided that it would be best for her to go to a foster family that had a bit calmer household.

The foster that took her is simply amazing.  Both K2 and I, the instant Irelynn drove off, in unison, said “I hope she ends up adopting Irelynn”






Our hopes and dreams came true!!13090010_10103906538208128_736892293_n



And now Irelynn has found the perfect  home!  My heart is incredibly happy!

Congratulations my sweet girl, I’m so proud of you!


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  1. Awe that was very nice write up. And thank u for doing so much to her. We are so happy!

    1. We couldn’t be more happy. I always had a knot in my stomach when I thought about where she would end up, I could never have imagined a better home for her.

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