Mama Irelyn meets the crew

This is the first introduction between Mama Irelyn and the members of the crew. The meeting went really well! There was a little bit of growling near the end but I think that was just because Irelyn started to get a little overwhelmed. I’m so proud of how well my guys/girls are able to handle meeting new foster additions. My apologies for the shakiness during the video, Darby Doo decided he wanted to play with my phone while I was recording #fosterparentproblems!

Also, for those interested, when mama Irelyn yawns near the end of the video, that is a sure sign that she was becoming stressed with the situation and it was time for us to stop. Yawning in doginese is a calming signal that is used to convery discomfort with a situation! A good tidbit of information to use in your own interactions with your pups!