Source: Mama, an old tire, and stinky treats by 4dogsandalittlelady on Rumble

About six months ago Peighton and I found an old tire while we were walking around the block. I had been looking for one because it’s a fantastic object that can be made into hundreds of different things.

I cut holes in the sidewalls of the tire and put rope toys through them usually but today I decided to hide petite greenies which were donated to our rescue and made their way to me.

I stuck them all over the tire and the dogs actually went wild for them. Because this is my first experience with greenies, I didn’t know how fragrant they were. Out of all the toys that I’ve ever given the dogs these smell the most. Not particularly bad smelling, just very fragrant. This is what initially gave me the idea because it’s  easier for them to smell and find the treats in the tire.

Mama has loved our spring pole since we got it and will spend hours out there with it. True to form, she loves to play with the rope in the tire so i figured that using her as my guinea pig would yield the best results.

Boy was I right! Usually, when she plays with the ropes, she is just a straight tug/thrash until it tears apart kind of gal.  But, with the greenies, she was jumping, changing levels, and when she starts bunny hopping it is probably the most comical I’ve ever seen her.  I love making interactive toys that force, at least, a little thought on the dogs part.  Making sure they are physically fit is only one part of a dichotomous responsibility that I have as a dog owner, the other is mental fitness.  The best way to accomplish mental fitness, in my humble opinion, is to make toys that require those 4-legged smarty farts to use their noggin’!