Our Mama dog had a bit of a stomach ache overnight and ended up spitting up on her blanket.  This happens from time to time and isn’t a big deal.  But, it is difficult to change out bedding when she doesn’t trust us yet!  It’s doubly difficult when we have to accomplish the task AND make sure we don’t take any big steps backward in gaining her trust.

I told K2 that I would figure it out(so she didn’t worry).  My plan was to lure her into a kennel with peanut butter treats and, once she was secured, change out the bedding, sex all the puppies, and get some good pictures.

Well, after a ton of coaxing, a conversation about my intentions with her puppies, and more treats thanimg_6233 I care to admit, she finally got into a kennel after about 45 minutes! (I know, I know, I have the patience of a saint :P)

Once she was in there, I started talking her through what I was going to do.  “Mama, listen…I’m going to move your babies so I can get this nasty blanket out of here, Ok?”, “I’m not going to hurt a hair on their heads, I’m only going to move them for a second”

Obviously, she looked at me like I had horns growing out of my head. But I continued.  Once all the puppies were moved, blanket was out, and a new blanket was in, I informed her of the next few steps I was going to take.

“Mama, I’m going to pick one baby up at a time, take a quick picture, and then put them back down”, “Still not going to hurt them, ok?”.

Well, to me, it looked like she was on board with the plan.  But, as soon as she saw one of her babies in my hand, she was howling for me to “put him down right now, you strange human man”, which I, of course, did.

That scenario repeated six more times for the rest of her kids, each time she was saying something to the effect of “get your grimy, five-fingered, paws off my puppies or I will bite your face off”.  Which is understandable, she has only known me for a day so far.

But I managed to get the sexes of all the puppers:

I got done as quick as I could, so that Mom’s stress levels didn’t get too bad, so I think we have 4 boys and 3 girls. After I got done and let her out of the kennel, the light was just too perfect to not get one more picture of her before I left.


We are also still looking for names for the family.  We are holding a poll here, but if you have an idea for a better theme, we would love to hear it!

21 replies on “Meet the new Foster Family”

  1. I was about to say how adorable the pups were… then you posted that pic of Mama. WOW, she is absolutely gorgeous!!!

    1. She is stunning, I am 100% against ear cropping, but you can tell that whoever did hers was a professional.

    1. I’m telling you, dog’s are the best listeners! I told her all about my day, the new bird, the flooding outback, hahahaha

    1. Doesn’t it! Once I earn her trust, I think we will be fine. Fortunately, all the babies are eating well, so I don’t need to get in there and make them like the last litter.

  2. I LOVE that last photo! I mean all the pups are adorable but the photo of Mama – looking like she is defending her pups is priceless! Good work human mom! It is a difficult situation but you did well.

  3. I vote for a Nightmare before Christmas theme! Sally, Jack, Oogie, Zero, Sandy (Claws) etc.

  4. They are all so gorgeous!! You’re one lucky guy taking care of such a cute brood. I’m sure the mom can see how kind and caring you are, and you’re doing a great job showing her she can trust. That will obviously go a long way to getting her adopted.

  5. She sounds like a wonderful mama!! The puppies are adorable. The final picture is beautiful. I vote for the Christmas theme.

  6. Oh bless them. You are doing so great letting her know every step you are doing. It’s what I would do with our cats. They get talked to all the time. Sad thing is I don’t think Dusty was to people talking to him, his little face looks up with such wonder….

  7. What a lovely last photo- she must have been so stressed but sounds like you handled it really well. Wow 7 little babies.

  8. Such gorgeous pictures of the puppies. I love your approach in making sure mama dog is safe and secure before you handle her pups im sure though eventually she will let you handle them without crating

  9. What a great and protective mama!! I hope everyone is doing well and that you share tons of baby photos down the road!

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