Meet Selma(New medical foster)

2016-06-09 21.03.00-4Sometimes a foster comes in that just melts your heart while breaking it into a million little pieces.  This girl is covered in mange at only a couple of months old.  For those that are unfamiliar, her condition is completely treatable, but until we can get it under control, her skin cracks, bleeds, and swells.  You can tell by looking at a dog with severe mange how uncomfortable and painful it must be.

But this little girl couldn’t care less.

She is 100% happy puppy.  She wants to run, play, and snuggle just like any other 10-12 week old baby.  It is awe-inspiring to watch this little girl, who probably has only known a few days of pain-free puppyhood, be so upbeat, positive, and enjoying life despite her circumstances.

She has gotten her BRAVECTO pill so she is on the way to a full recovery.  I can’t wait to see her transformation.


Remind me to never whine about anything, ever again.