Taking in a hard-luck foster around the holidays has become a tradition over the last few years.  So when K2 and the director of Rugaz went to “run errands” the day before Thanksgiving, I knew we would be welcoming another dog into the house before the day was out.

A few hours later I got this:


I knew it was coming, was prepared, and already knew it was a go(it’s nice that they still ask me though)

We had already moved Mama Wigglebutts and her babies into our pseudo-dining-room-turned-temporary-dog-room, so the upstairs was vacant. I decided that the carpet in that room had seen it’s last days of service.  We decided that a linoleum floor would be easy to clean and would serve valiantly until tax time when we can afford to tile the whole upstairs.

As you can see, the floor wasn’t installed when MC arrived.  She was a cruelty confiscation, which means she was abused, neglected, or otherwise mistreated.  I don’t often put myself in situations where there isn’t a way for me to diffuse a tense situation and/or leave the room of a seriously stressed dog, but, because I wasn’t thinking, that is exactly what I did in the video above.  I had let her out of the kennel and allowed her to be between the door and me.

As you can see, she is very leery of me.  I hadn’t expected this because she was all tail wags and kisses with K2.  But, this was the predicament I allowed to happen, so I made the best of it.  Fortunately, experience came out a winner and I was able to keep her calm and stress-free.  A few well-placed treats in her kennel ended our “get to know each other” session and It was time for me to install the new floor.

Long story short, McCinnabooty does not like me even a little bit.  She loves K2 but we think her past has some men that weren’t exactly loving and kind to her.  Not a huge deal, though, a few weeks of trust-building and we should be good to go.  K2 was able to get a good video of her with-me-not-around personality and, as you can see, my presence(or lack thereof) makes a huge difference.

She is an absolutely beautiful dog!  K2 was able to get some really, really good pictures of her after I installed the floor upstairs.

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