My DIY Lure Course Failure(so far)

I spent the better part of last night brainstorming ways that I could make the dogs a lure course after my girlfriend tagged me to watch a video of one of our fosters going through one at a recent event”

The logistics of it didn’t seem that hard to me.  Use something like:


To guide the string around the yard, and figure out a way to get the string moving.  Seems simple in theory right?  Well, as I laid in bed last night I thought that using some sort of dowel or bit with the string wrapped around once then attaching that to a drill would do the trick.  Here is the result of that initial idea:


As you can see it did not perform as planned.  The string wouldn’t catch on the bit, and when it finally did the result was a lot of useless fishing string!

The hooks in the trees worked really well, I attached some blue ribbon to the middle and pulled it around manually to see if the dogs would like it.  I had some good laughs watching Sully scare himself when he would run into the fishing string or when I would reverse the direction back at him and they all were chasing it.  So seeing that he and the other dogs would really like the course if I could figure out how to get it to work I rededicated myself to doing just that.

My next thought was that our old electric weed trimmer would still be functional and if I could figure out a way to attach it to the rope we would be golden.  I took all of the rusted screws out and took the head completely apart to see what I was working with.   The motor still works but I couldn’t figure out how to get the top black part off.  “What the heck, lets give it a shot anyway”, I thought…..

IMG_0821 IMG_0823

Strike 2 with some injuries to boot!

I was getting no where with trying to mechanize my latest contraption so I decided to go old school.  What else could possibly be better than an old fishing reel for this job?!  The only drawback is that I would have to spin it manually and that’s no big deal.  I didn’t consider that the old fishing reel…is old.  It’s all rusted and gunked up inside so that the spool won’t even spin!

Striiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike 3



I’m now severely injured 😛 and frustrated at this point, so I decided to take a break and share my failure with the world

My next idea is to cut out the middle man.  Attach the spool of fishing line to the motor of the old weed trimmer, put it in a box, and make it so it just winds up the line, which I will have to re-thread through the course everytime, but hey, at least it will work and the dogs will have some fun.  I figure I can make the course part longer so that the dogs will still have a lot of running to try to catch the lure.  I will let you guys know how it goes!

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