Nature Walk!

2016-05-23 10.06.19After writing a throwback Thursday post recounting the harrowing events of Sully’s rattlesnake encounter, I realized that not taking advantage of the huge nature preserve near our house is a crime of the worst kind.

I was home alone yesterday, so I decided to walk there with Sully and Coral.  I learned a lesson, even with 3 gallons of water in a backpack and numerous rest stops, black dogs in the scorching Florida summer sun get overheated very quickly.  Seeing the two of them struggling, I decided to cut our excursion short, re-supply for today, and give it another go with the Little lady in tow.

2016-05-23 10.06.26

I found a heavy duty spray bottle and stocked up on some ice-cold water.  My thought was that keeping them misted would allow evaporation to do it’s work and keep them cool, sort of like artificial sweating.  It worked great, we easily walked 5 miles with neither of them showing any signs of overheating!

It makes my heart happy to be able to experience nature with the little lady.  She is so curious about everything, loves seeing the wildlife, and enjoys being outdoors.  If you asked her what we did today she says “we saw butterflies, turtles–big ones–, squirrels, and a magic reindeer in a bush!”