#WeBelieveinNB because they’ve earned my trust!

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This is Jaylene.  Her story is rough.  I’m not allowed to get into the details of her neglect case(for legal reasons), but, suffice to say, she was on death’s door when she first came into our home by no fault of her own.

When she first arrived, she had a litter of, literally, newborn puppies in tow.  Unfortunately, both she and her babies were extremely malnourished, emaciated, and sick and hope for recovery was a rare a rare commodity.

The little ones were only half the size of what a normal, healthy newborn should be and, despite round the clock care from K2, they were not strong enough to fight back from such a terrible start.

As if losing her babies was not hard enough, this young mama needed to muster up everything she had (plus everything myself and K2 had) to survive herself.  It took us 2 days to get her to even attempt to eat anything and another day after that for K2 to resort, literally, to smearing wet food on her gums in order to get her to eat at regular intervals.

Thankfully, all that hard work paid off and “Leaner Beaners” is now well on her road to recovery.  She underwent successful heartworm treatment a few days ago and is enjoying a relaxing month of strict crate rest until she is finally through the woods.

Dinner is Served

Jaylene’s story is important to understand why I feel that serendipity is to blame for making me realize that Natural Balance® has really earned my trust as a company.  Certain dogs, like Jaylene, have had to deal with enough “rough” in their lives and, when given the chance, I go as above and beyond for them as I can.

The other day was just such an occasion.  As I sat typing away at my desk, I looked up to see “leaners” giving me the look from the picture above.  It was around dinner time for the crew so I figured I would raid our donated food stash and hook my girl up with a nice wet/dry food combo(her favorite).

Not just any wet food would do though, it had to have high-quality ingredients, it has to be safe for a dog that is recovering from neglect, starvation, and heartworm treatment, and I wanted to make sure that she would really enjoy whichever brand I found in our stash.

I used the word serendipity earlier in this post where it may have seemed a bit out of place, this is why.   As I approached the counter where we keep the food that has been donated to the rescue, a familiar logo caught my eye.  I had to chuckle (and take a picture) at my knee-jerk reaction of “yes!!!, Natural balance is perfect for her…” because I didn’t even have the urge to double-check the ingredient label to see if the Natural Balance fit my criteria for “beaners”.

So what?  Well, I am a control freak with OCD issues when it comes to my dogs (fosters and permanent residents alike) and for me not to have to check the label speaks volumes about the company behind the food!

Natural Balance performs rigorous safety testing on their food, to the tune of 9 different tests!  But wait…there’s more! They didn’t expect me to take their word for it, they also provide us self-diagnosed crazy dog people with the actual results from the tests, and not just for random formulas either.  As seen here, I was able to enter some information from the bag of food I had purchased and received the exact results from the safety testing of that batch of food!  Talk about piece of mind!

Of course, she loved it (and so did Freddy the tripod cat)

As soon as Frederico da Ebonicci (his proper name) aka Freddy heard the pop of the can being opened, he needed to make sure his foster sister was only getting the best, even if he had to put himself at risk by taking a few test bites(insert eye roll emoji here).

Fortunately, he gave me the go ahead and “miss leaner beaner’s” dinner was (finally) ready to be served.  Needless to say, she enjoyed it and I felt great about giving my girl a safe, healthy, delicious dinner!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Natural Balance. The opinions and text are all mine.