We have a multi-tiered plan for keeping everyone safe through hurricane Irma.  In the event that the worst happens, my mom, Kim and Pei will be going to a local Hurricane shelter and I will be staying behind with all of the animals(mom’s included).  We have plenty of dog/cat food and enough human food to last me a few weeks if needed.

My #1 priority after getting my girls safe is going to be to keep every animal under my care alive and well.

Now, your probably thinking something along the lines of “What does this plan have to do with me?”

Since I already know I’m not going anywhere, and we have plenty of crates(in all shapes and sizes) I want to put the call out to anyone in my area that gets an evacuation order…


I will take on as many pets as I can safely fit in this house if the alternative is them being left alone.  As we near Irma’s collision with Florida, if it looks like you will be getting an evac order and have no options for your pets, email me ASAP!