New Foster Family(with Fat Bunny and Maluma)

This is probably the cutest thing you will see this whole week!

Below is the original 1440p version of just the puppers 🙂 (make sure to select the highest quality!)

So this is what I was doing at 2am last night #worthit

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The pups have officially been moved downstairs!

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28 thoughts to “New Foster Family(with Fat Bunny and Maluma)”

    1. Yes! It’s the second time I had to rescue one…they like to snuggle themselves into blankets, but sometimes that leads to getting stuck 🙂

  1. What cute little canines and there’s one that could be my canine twin (the black and white one). We’ve never met any puppies but after watching this video, we’re thinking it’s time for the Tribe of Five to meet some!
    Purrs & Head Bonks,
    Oliver & The Tribe of Five

    1. Puppies are so good for a tribe! As long as boundaries are set and everyone is introduced at the right pace for tribe, it brings everyone’s inner pup out!

    1. yup, they’re hers, she was dumped at animal services with her babies, we are sort of the “go-to” for that shelter when mom and babies show up so we ended up with them

  2. Gusto woke up from a deep sleep when he heard the puppies whimpering. I put the video on full screen and let him watch from my lap. Wish I could have taken a picture of him watching the action. He gives the pups 4 paws up!

  3. I love the video! Well done in making a totally melting puppy moment.

    I would only suggest making the puppy sounds a little bit louder because people love them, and add some visual variety with a few close up and distance shots of the puppies as well as moving the camera slowly so folks can really drink in the cuteness!

  4. What a great little mama. And the puppies…..GAH! You certainly have your hands full. Good for you for stepping up for this little family.

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