New mama and six 2 week old babies

Our revolving door never stops!  Yesterday we agreed to foster a new family.  They don’t have names yet, but I’ve been told that we will be naming them after the characters in the book Alice in Wonderland.  Should be interesting because they all look very similar to one another.

2016-04-15 11.44.22Mom is probably the sweetest, most accepting Mama we have had so far.  Up until this point I have had to work really hard to gain the trust of the moms that have come through the door.  But this girl just jumped in my lap and kissed my face within 3 seconds of meeting me!


As usual the babies are just about as adorable as it gets!2016-04-15 11.43.54 2016-04-15 11.43.39 2016-04-15 11.43.15 2016-04-15 11.43.13
2016-04-15 11.43.06

Stay tuned for plenty more pictures and updates for these babies and mama!