Why is one flea so darn scary? It isn’t w/ #12bravecto!

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I'm confident that our foster Penny would have preferred getting BRAVECTO (Fluraner) before things got this bad
I’m confident that our foster Penny would have preferred getting BRAVECTO® (Fluralaner) before things got this bad

Last week was shark week!  I am a complete shark nerd, I love ’em (but I love most, if not all, animals so that’s not saying too much).  I’ve only ever seen sharks in aquariums, but watching them glide through the water, jagged teeth suspended in their jaw, black eyes that seem to go deeper and deeper to infinity, it is all quite mesmerizing to me.  I’ve never felt afraid or anxious around these beautiful creatures.  But, put a flea on my dog, and I feel my palms start to sweat, my heart jumps into my throat, and it’s all I can do to not scream out in terror!

It’s not so much that one flea that strikes fear into the depths of my soul, it is the implications of finding him.  By some accounts, only 5% of the total population of a flea infestation is in the adult phase at any given time.

That means that 95% of those little buggers are somewhere other than where I can see them, just waiting to wage a blood-letting war against my best friends.  As frightening as this fact is, it’s only the tip of the iceberg!

The flea life cycle is incredibly variable.  In simple terms, this means that it can be anywhere from 2 weeks to 1 YEAR depending on the environmental conditions. In the pupae stage, fleas can lay dormant for a very long time waiting for conditions to be right…

Soooooo options???

The only method that is 100% effective at the eradication of a flea infestation is patience and 24 hours a day, 7 days a week flea treatment without any lapses in protection.

The problem that many of us face, as dog owners, is that even a tiny lapse in that window of protection from whichever treatment we are using can allow the fleas to reset the clock with a new generation.  Monthly treatments are especially susceptible to this issue because the application must happen at a regular interval without fail to ensure that the fleas that have transitioned from the previous stage of their life cycle go on to meet their maker as soon as possible.

Another problem arises in the fact that most of us lead hectic, fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants lifestyles.  I am probably the most forgetful human being on the planet.  I can set alarms, calendars, reminders, and post it notes and I will still forget a treatment if something shiny catches my eye before I get to dosing our dogs, which is just like opening the door for the female fleas to be able to stay alive long enough to lay their eggs!


I told her she is safe for 12 whole weeks, I think that made her happy!
I told her she is safe for 12 whole weeks, I think that made her happy!

Here’s where BRAVECTO really separates itself from the rest of the pack, pun intended!.  Rather than having to dose every 4 weeks, BRAVECTO works for 12!  So only 4/year! Plus, we are able to set up text alerts to remind us when it’s time for a new chewable tablet, which is great because my phone will bother me relentlessly until I give them the dogs their BRAVECTO.

This is why we believe in BRAVECTO as the best flea and tick treatment on the market.  It hits all the main points on my awesome-o-meter

  • Safe
  • Works
  • Hard to forget

BRAVECTO is simply the best treatment available for fleas and ticks in our humble opinion!

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What do I do if I find a flea?

Don’t panic! First, hop on over to twitter and/or facebook and follow BRAVECTO so that any information you may want or need will be a click away, I also recommend bookmarking this page in case you may want to find any science-y type information to show your vet.  Then, call your veterinarian, make an appointment, and tell them you want BRAVECTO!  If you need help finding a veterinarian, the folks at BRAVECTO have provided a handy vet locator just for you. Get your pup to the vet’s and make sure they understand that you want BRAVECTO.  After treatment, be vigilant in vacuuming, cleaning, etc to speed up the de-infestation process.  In, what will seem like, no time at all, the flea population will be decimated as BRAVECTO does it’s thing!

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