Operation baby opossum rescue

Over the weekend, I was summoned by Kim with one of those “oh my god, there is a creature in the garage” yells.  Turns out, a baby opossum had turned the little one’s old stroller into a nighttime abode.

After a seriously long and arduous effort, I was able to safely capture the little one in a cat carrier.  Normally, I would release whatever animal it was and call it a day.  But, this little one seemed a tad on the young side.  I decided to do some cursory research to see what the next steps should be, this led me to an article that stated, if a baby opossum has a body that is at least 8 inches long(not including the tail) then they were capable of being in the wild on their own.

Our little one fit that bill, so we walked her up to the woods and let her go! Score 1 for the rescue squad!  I captured some of our adventure on video! Check it out below!

Source: Operation baby Opossum rescue by 4dogsandalittlelady on Rumble