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Sully being cool, confidant. and protected against the biting insects
Sully being cool, confident. and protected against the biting insects

First and foremost, as our readers have probably gleaned by now,  I pride myself on being a man of science.  So when I found out that I would be getting the opportunity to review some products that may provide, myself and my crew, a respite from the relentlessness of Florida’s mosquito population, my wheels starting turning to find a way to “citizen-science” an experiment to test the products that Only Natural Pet® was sending.

My initial idea of capturing and breeding my own population of mosquitos for study purposes was, unfortunately, shot down before the whole presentation was out of my mouth.  K2 couldn’t wrap her head around the scientific need for such an endeavor and banned all mosquito breeding in our house(booooo!)

Without a good way to control the experiment –which my captive population of mosquitos would have provided me –, I decided to sacrifice for the good of science and use myself as the proverbial guinea pig!

The experiment

Last night I set up a chair in our backyard right around dusk(The worst time for skeeters’).  I applied The EasyDefense Herbal Blend to Sully’s back and left Boo without.  I had Boo come outside and sit next to me for 15 minutes and recorded every time I saw or felt a mosquito land on either of us.  With her next to me, unprotected (my control variable) I recorded 57 mosquitos–most of which left their mark on me — oh the sacrifices I make for science! —

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I waited another 15 minutes to allow the backyard to be back in a normal status and the mosquitos to spread out after having eaten part of me for dinner.  I then took Sully(with the herbal blend) outside with me and repeated the experiment.  I recorded 21 mosquitos, anecdotally, most that I saw were on the side away from where Sully was laying.

I repeated the experiment two more times with the other two dogs.  Mama C unprotected was 39 mosquitos and Cece protected was 12 mosquitos.

So we definitely experienced a huge decrease in mosquitos between the protected dogs vs. the unprotected dogs


While my attempt at citizen science may not be a candidate for publication in the journal Nature, I think it provides me with enough evidence of effectiveness to say that this product definitely works!

2016-05-26 12.01.28
Braving the mosquitos unprotected together


Florida is basically a giant swamp, it is, by far, the worst place I have ever been for mosquitos.  The hour before sundown has, up till now, been a mandatory “get your butt inside if you know what’s good for you” time of day. But given the sheer volume of these annoying little creatures, the decrease in observed blood suckers was quite noticeable and with all 4 dogs sporting our new best friend (Herbal blend!) we should be able to get the most out of every single hour of the day!

I am extremely conscious of the impact that we have on our environment. I have avoided using traditional pesticides in our yards or on our dogs because of the dangers it presents to the earth and the pups respectively.  This product, and other natural products from OnlyNaturalpet.com, are eco-friendly, safe, and EFFECTIVE!  I’ve already decided to make this our go-to biting bug defense for the summer and beyond!

Take that Florida!

I'm so impressed with OnlyNaturalpet.com because of their commitment to sustainability, even their packaging is "green" which is just another amazing attribute of this company that speaks volumes about them.
I’m so impressed with OnlyNaturalpet.com because of their commitment to sustainability, even their packaging is “green” which is just another amazing attribute of this company that speaks volumes about them.

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