Prayer Blankets PhotoShoot

Every foster family that we take in has a group of angels that watch over them.  The group, Furr Angel Blessing Blankets, donates hand-crafted prayer blankets for each individual in the family.  It is such a kind gesture to show these dogs, not only, that we love them, but there are many others out there who support and care for them as well.

Another huge benefit of these blankets is they always seem to come in right around the time the pups hit four weeks.  Which means the photoshoot of them with their new threads is absolutely adorable.

I put together a little slideshow for everyone to enjoy:

and made a movie about our little Christmas Miracles too!

2 thoughts to “Prayer Blankets PhotoShoot”

    1. It really is so sweet of them to do this, I actually found out writing this post that their program does this for many, many rescues. I have no idea how they find the time!

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