The day is upon us!  Ghouls and goblins of all varieties will be prowling our neighborhood this evening. In fact, we are going to be among them for a bit!  But, like with anything else, I have to take preventative measures to ensure a nice, fun, and calm holiday for my 4-legged crew.

The Plan

The overall plan with keeping the dogs calm and neighborhood kids not fearing that they will be eaten at our door is simple.  Avoid the problem all together!  It’s a simplistic two-pronged approach to keep trick or treaters from approaching our door!

Prong one-While we are out

The first stage of our plan is for when we are out trick or treating with the little lady.  My goal is to keep kids and their parents from thinking we are home, while giving them a heads up(with a sign) about the dogs.

Step one is to follow the unwritten rule for non-participants in the holiday.  Turn off all the lights outside of the house!  Second, I make a sign that says something to the affect of “Our dogs get very scared when kids in costumes knock on our door, we will be home soon, come back in a little while!”

So far, this has worked perfectly while we are gone.  I think parents respect the effort of helping to avoid startling the kids(4 dogs barking in unison is pretty alarming)

Prong Two-Home

Once we get home from our adventures around the neighborhood, I take a minute to settle, then I get to work!  I set up a little station in our driveway with a folding chair, a bucket of candy, and anything scary that I can find.  This lets me intercept any trick or treaters before they go up to the door, allows us to participate in the fun(and not be that house) while keeping my crew from getting all worked up.

Sully aka "nubian prime" will stand guard for hours and hours, making sure no one has the audacity to approach the house
Sully aka “nubian prime” will stand guard for hours and hours, making sure no one has the audacity to approach the house


As with any activity that will affect our dogs, either directly or indirectly, a little bit of preparation and forethought can go a long, long way in keeping the event fun and enjoyable for anyone and everyone involved!

So what sort of preparations do you make for your dogs on Halloween?  I would love to hear about them in the comments below!