8 questions for your vet when you ask about #12bravecto for fleas and ticks

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There are thousands of web pages dedicated to the fight we wage against fleas and ticks in the name of our K9 companions. Plenty can be gleaned from a bit of googling, but is the advice we find in these pages going to work for our lifestyle? Our dog? What considerations have to be made to ensure we are making the best decision possible for our pups?

Go to the Source

The only way to make sure that the information we are using to make a decision for the course of flea and tick treatment is to talk to someone who knows our dogs, inside and out, while also having the medical knowledge to advise us.  Do you know anyone like that?

That’s right! Your veterinarian!

The single best resource for dog related health information is your vet.  But, without a plan, a conversation between you and her could be a fruitless endeavor.  Have no fear, we polled our rescue’s vet and a handful of vet techs to find out what they would ask if the roles were reversed!

What to ask


Follow up!

In situations where the person we are talking to is considered to be more knowledgeable than ourselves, human nature will sometimes dictate that we don’t continue to ask questions until we are satisfied.  BRAVECTO® is always going to be our recommendation for flea and tick treatment.  It’s safe, effective for up to 12 weeks, comes in a delicious chew form, and negates many of the health and treatment lapse problems that plague other popular brands*.  The thing is, though, we didn’t arrive at our recommendation without research and asking many, many questions of veterinary professionals.  That’s why we recommend going to your vet with the questions above, talk to her about BRAVECTO(and other treatments) and find out why so many folks are using the only 12-week preventative on the market today!

*BRAVECTO kills fleas, prevents flea infestations, and kills ticks (black legged tick, American dog tick, and brown dog tick) for 12 weeks. BRAVECTO also kills lone star ticks for 8 weeks.

Knowledge is power!dog-990310_1920

The list above isn’t comprehensive by any means.  If you are here and reading about BRAVECTO and what to ask your vet in regards to flea and tick treatments, then you already are on the right track! But don’t stop here, definitely don’t just take our word for it! Use the resources below to find out more about BRAVECTO and what makes it the only flea and tick treatment that we recommend (and give our own dogs).

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BRAVECTO website

Vet Locator

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If you are like us, more information is always better than less! That’s why we compiled a list of other blog posts for you to really figure out if BRAVECTO is right for your dog!