There are certain things I have found that I took for granted before I started working with a dog rescue. One of the most glaring errors I made was that those people working in the pet service industry have the animal’s best interest at heart.

As many of you know, we have been working extensively with Irelyn to help her get over her fear, distrust, and stress when it comes to being around people. Through our hard work and patience she has come to accept myself and K2 as being safe. Unfortunately, today was her scheduled appointment for her spay at Animal Services. K2 was up before the sun this morning to meet with their ridiculous schedule requirements and have Ireyln and the orphaned four there at a ungodly early hour.

When I check in later this morning, I find that they are “backed up” and won’t be releasing Irelyn or the babies back to us until tomorrow. Are….you…KIDDING….me!?!?!?!?!?! Poor Irelyn is beyond terrified right now and I know it. Being left alone all night be herself with no one around her who loves her is just unacceptable, infuriating, and, most of all, heartbreaking.

On top of that travesty, Animal Services is trying to tell us that they will not do Irelyn’s heartworm treatment —she was positive when she came to us— because she isn’t social enough! What are these people smoking? Our girl will get her treatment regardless of who has to pay for it, but c’mon! These people are suppose to be advocates for animals, not active participants in making their life worse.

I’m really angry, and I feel helpless. I have seriously considered foregoing Irelyn’s surgery and just getting her out of that place. I hate that she is there by herself, I hate that I can’t tell her its all going to be ok. I hate that I can’t lay down with her and let her hear the calm in my voice. These people should be ashamed of themselves.