I want to show a positive light on the process of rescuing.  It can be arduous at times, bitterly heart-breaking at others, and then sometimes, magic happens…a dog gets rescued, finds a foster home, and BAM!!! the perfect family comes along and off they go to their forever home.  Being a part of that cycle is an honor, a privilege, and more folks need to know about it!


So my idea is this, #rescuedfosteredadopted is going to be our new thing for the future.  All the pups that come through our doors will get a shirt, mug, sweatshirt, or whatever.  Each will have a picture(my skills at making these will improve, I promise!) of the pup, their name, the hashtag, and the website.  The ones that are featured below are my “test” attempts at making them(feel free to grab one if you like the design!).


The first one that I’m going to do is Manglecat’s.  She was adopted today!(wooohooooo) and I’m going to put together her design at some point tomorrow.  I will make a post for each dog that hits that adopted mark moving forward and add each below!


I think this poster will be the face, if you will, for this idea, because it does only take love, and the passion to do whatcha gotta do no matter what, that comes along with it