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Posted by Now on Wednesday, 6 January 2016

This video came across my Facebook last night. On the surface, you may think something along the lines of “ohhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmmmm ggggggggggggg, that is so flippin’ adorable”.  But, is that little tiny bit of cute worth the tremendous amount of risk to which the parents have exposed their child?

For those of you who, upon reading that last sentence, think that the “family” dog who “would never hurt a fly”doesn’t pose a risk to the child, I have a quick hypothetical situation for you.

Think of the most gentle, kind, compassionate individual that you know.  The one friend or family member that you have who everyone says is an angel.  Now, if you were to sit next to that person and gently poke them in the cheek, over and over and over again, how long would it be before they physically tried to stop you?

Whatever your answer is to the above, I think we can all agree that, at some point, the person would break down and try to physically stop you from poking him or her.

Now, a dog’s version of swatting your hand away in that situation would be a “correction” or a swift bite.  If you have ever seen a mama dog with puppies, this is something you are very familiar with.  It isn’t an action that is designed to hurt or cause damage.  It is a dog’s way of “swatting the hand away” in order to communicate with the offending party and let them know that their behavior is unacceptable.

When a correction is used by a dog on a dog, there are rarely any injuries(or even evidence that it happened).  But, what happens when that same dog uses that same instinctual behavior on a human child?  As you can probably guess, the results can be catastrophic.  If you have never witnessed a dog correct another dog, the whole thing happens in the blink of an eye, it is over before you even know that it started. As a result, a major injury to a child can happen before you could ever stop it, from a dog that has no aggressive intentions whatsoever.

So going back to the video in the beginning of this post, instead of taking a video of this behavior, in my honest opinion, the parents should have stopped it immediately.

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  1. Great explanation. I’ve seen far too many of these so not funny videos, and the encouraging comments from those clueless as to the danger that baby, toddler, or child is in because the parents. And of course should the inevitable happen, it’s the dog’s fault and he gets put down. Maddening!

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