Sully, the one that started it all

As with most things in life, we didn’t even intend to be a multi-dog household, let alone, a canine foster family. I remember when I told my girlfriend that I wanted to get a dog, I grew up with every kind of pet imaginable so our family didnt feel complete without, at least, a dog.

I scoured various dog adoption and dog information sites looking for a breed that I thought would be a good fit for us. I ended up with my heart set on a great dane. They are a wonderful breed and I loved how big they were. That’s when I came across a video online about a boy named quinn.

The video that started it all:

He was at a local rescue and he was sooo adorable, he was tall and lanky and all paws. He was listed as a great dane mix so I immediatley emailed the rescue asking about him and his story. It turned out that him and his siblings had been left to die in a cardboard box at a random Hess station. They were only a few weeks old.

After I heard his story and watched his video about 300 times I was sold. I couldn’t wait to get my boy and I threw myself headfirst into learning everything I possibly could about dogs and dog training. Little did I know then that he would be the catalyst that catapulted my family into the foster/rescue superstars that we have become.

Two things stick out to me about the day that we went to get my boy. One was how friggin’ nervous I was! I wanted to make sure that we made a great impression, conveyed how prepared we were for having a dog, and mostly just wanted the rescue to let us have our dog. Second was how much I loved him from the first second he jumped on me when we walked through the door. There was just a connection right away, the doggy equivalent of love at first sight I suppose.

sully boy day one

He is a once in a lifetime dog for me. The longest I’ve ever been without him is on our vacation to Jamaica for a weekend. He has been the driving force behind me learning how to train a dog using positive reinforcement and he is the reason that over 50 dogs (at the time I’m writing this) have had their lives saved by our family. I couldn’t love him more!


4 thoughts to “Sully, the one that started it all”

    1. Thank you so much, it means the world to us to know that our story has a positive impact! Does Charlie resemble a bump on a log too if you let him?? I swear, Sully would never move if I didn’t make him get up and do stuff with me.

    1. It is our pleasure! Thank you for the kind words, and ol’ bump on a log sends his regards as well 🙂

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