Sully Vs. The Squirrel

1507225_243752022461246_1123608555_oToday was officially yard work day around these parts.  I spent most of the day outside, pulling out weeds, cutting the grass, and picking up all sorts of random dog toys.  In the hustle and bustle of the day, I happened to catch Sully go from dead asleep to full out hunter when he saw a squirrel.  I watched the whole thing unfold and after I took some time to relax this afternoon, I decided to write up the scene for fun.

Let me know what you guys and gals think!

Sully vs. The Squirrel

The sunlight peeks over the tattered wooden fence bathing the yard in a warm glow as the morning arrives.  His head lazily perks up to survey this new change in  surroundings and, in an instant, his body freezes.

The flick of a grey tail renders his focus like a magnifying glass amplifying a strand of light.  His eyes are set and unwavering as he slowly coils his body into a stalk.  The newly arrived amber hue glistens on his jet black coat as  quivering muscles slowly manipulate each limb towards his target.  The songbirds are gleefully unaware of the unfolding events.  Their normal gregarious song seems to morph into a macabre soundtrack to his murderous desires.

The oblivious rodent goes about his morning routine, shuffling to and from each nut or seed as he works to fill his breakfast quota.  The silent ebony form seems, to the observer’s eye, a bright advertisement of malicious intent against the backdrop of green and brown, but the tiny, would be, victim doesn’t decipher the form of his enemy.

The lean muscle has carried the predator to the edge of the quiet grass to the line of brittle leaves that will be the real test of his prowess.  He lifts his paw, leaving it suspended in mid-air, elbow bent, while his eyes dart to the ground in front of him, surveying this new terrain for the landing which will provide the sweet silence to which he endeavors.  The scene seems to suspend in animation as the observer waits, breathe jailed in his lungs, waiting for the thunderous climax that the next moment will certainly bring.

The leg hangs in the air as his laser focus waits for his quarry to turn away.  It happens, his foot lands in the blink of an eye, without a whisper.  His shoulders rotate sending a wave over his back as he pulls his weight forward, ever so slightly, towards his goal.

Suddenly a distorted shadow runs over the top of the trees, down the thick trunks, and over his eyes.  The vulture’s premature bid for the spoils brings an instant earth-shattering chaos.  Like a match to a barrel of gunpowder, the shadow launches an explosion of black fury towards the startled squirrel.

He tears through the leaves causing a dovetail behind him as his momentum carries him through the air.  Instantaneously the care-free, S-shaped, tail smacks the ground in an attempt to catch it’s scurrying master in her life and death dash to the closest arboreal safety. The hairs trailing the intended victim almost tickle the nose of the ebony fury in, frighteningly close, pursuit.

A hard, but lightning quick, change of direction separates the combatants by just a few inches, but that is enough for a low-lying branch to provide a potential target of escape, but she will have to time it with pinpoint precision.  She gathers every ounce of speed that her small body can muster and throws it toward her last and only chance for survival….

His neck stretches as his gaping mouth opens and he turns his head to snatch his target from the air.  The amber sunlight catches on an ivory canine that seems poised to deal a fatal blow.

Her claws barely catch her lifeline, flinging her trailing body under her head, she can see the safety of the canopy momentarily as her attempt to flee renders her eyes skyward.

The strange contortions of his prey’s body cause him to lose focus for just an instant, adjusting his pursuit higher than it should be aimed..

Her back legs find a hold on the branch as the seething pursuer narrowly glides by.  She is safe, her panicked calls warn others of the impending danger.  His sulking strides and stares seemingly mocked by his failed intention.  He meanders back to his bed, heaving his heavy body down until his next victim appears.

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