Superior scent detection is preserved by cloning in dogs(study)

dna-163466_960_720We recently queried our readers with a simple question, “Would you have your dog cloned?”.  The response was, an overwhelming, “NO!”. But many expressed an interest in the benefits of cloning working dogs (military, service, police, etc) that were extraordinary in performing their jobs.


New research from Seoul National University’s College of Veterinary Medicine has now shown that preserving genetic talent through cloning is indeed possible and is transferable to different detection needs.

The researchers used a 7 yr old female black Labrador Retriever that had scored extremely high in her ability to detect colorectal cancer using breath samples from patients.  She scored 91% scent detection sensitivity 99% specificity.

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The scientists used 8 surrogates who received 130 cloned embryos from the female Labrador with one recipient becoming pregnant.  They successfully trained a clone to detect cancer with the clone reaching 93% scent detection sensitivity and 99.5% specificity.  In addition to performing similarly to the original, the clone was also able to successfully detect early stages of breast cancer.dna-30518_960_720

The results from this experiment led the researchers to conclude that “superior canine scent detection ability for cancer screening could be preserved through cloning”