Mother Geniveve and the Tarzan litter from Day 1 told through Images

About 2 months ago, I was regaled with one of those backstories where, in my head, I’m going “surrrrrrrrre that’s what happened”.  Animal Services was summoned because an anonymous caller reported a mother “pit bull” giving birth to babies underneath a tree.  This story is full of holes, but the end result is that these beautiful, 6-day old, puppies were going to be euthanized, with their mother, if someone didn’t step up to save them.

Anyone who has been following our story knows that we weren’t going to let these lives be lost.  Below is the first night they were with us.

Brand new #fosterdogs mom and 10 six day old babies! #adoptdontshop #adoreabull

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Unfortunately, one of the babies from the original 10 was in pretty rough shape.  During the night, after the video was taken, this poor girl crossed the rainbow bridge.  My heart ached and I made a promise to the rest of those babies that, while I still had breath in my body, I would make sure they made it.

The first day after the pups arrived, everything seemed to be going well for the remaining pups.  At such a young age, it is hard to gauge how puppies are doing because they don’t do much.  They, literally, just sleep and eat.  It’s difficult, yet uber important, to make sure that all the little ones are actually eating, though.  At first, everyone was doing ok, with Mama doing a fantastic job of taking care of her babies.