Mother Geniveve and the Tarzan litter from Day 1 told through Images

We often hear something along the lines of “I don’t know how you guys do puppies…”

I, personally, feel like puppies are much easier to take care of because they need to be taken care of.  Not to mention, the level of cute that we witness is unparalleled.  As you can see below:

Unbelievably cute though, worth every second of work! #adoptdontshop #rescuedogs #cuteness #cutepuppy

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Merida and Malala

It started to become apparent that two of the nine puppies were lagging behind their siblings within 48 hours of the litter coming to us.  One was the runt and, the other was one of the black babies with 2 white spots on her neck( they didn’t have names at this point).  Both of them were exhibiting an all too common puppy behavior, they would latch and nurse for a few seconds, then would fall asleep.  This behavior usually corrects itself with time, but in both of these babies cases, neither one was getting any stronger or putting any more effort into feeding after about 24 hours.

This is when I go into full out rescue mode.  Whatever I have to do, it will get done.  If that means 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with no sleep, then so be it.

As you can see, I thought that we were going to easily be able to provide a bridge to these two so that they could catch up with their siblings…

Inevitably, as I started spending more time with the puppies who were struggling, Mama Genny and I formed a very strong bond. I still can’t help but laugh when she gives me this look with her ears perked up like that. It reminds me of Dobby from Harry Potter!

#mom finally got out to stretch her legs a bit #fosterdog #adoptabull #adoptdontshop

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