The little lady

The little lady in our crew is definitely the lynchpin that holds us all together. She is four years old and has already been a part of saving over 50 dogs. It is amazing as a father to watch how much she has learned about compassion, love, and loss from our fosters.

IMG_0488 (3)

She is very active in the care of all of our dogs, fosters and our crew.. In all honesty, I doubt that we would be able to successfully foster as many dogs as we do without her volunteering to keep them busy with play and snuggles. We have set up ground rules for interactions with the fosters, she can’t pick them up, no touching their legs, and gentle hands, and she follows them very well for the most part.Β  It’s a normal occurrence to find her in the babies enclosure just hanging out, watching her movie, or playing with the puppies.

She has also learned how to bottle feed babies who, in the case of these two cuties, have lost their mother:

She is an all around amazing little girl with a huge heart and an even bigger capacity for compassion.Β  I am lucky to have such a wonderful partner in our daily fostering duties!

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