Yesterday I told you the story of a terrible situation to which I was a witness at our local park.  Today, I wanted to buffer that with a story from the same park but filled with all the ingredients to a great dog owner with a fantastic relationship with his dog.

simsdogAs I was walking my endless loop of the park hunting for pokeballs, I know, I know, the little lady loves the game, though, I saw a dog that mimicked a solid stone statue.  As I approached, I took notice of the elderly gentleman standing behind him, just watching the dog, perfectly content with just being with his dog in the moment.  If my dogs were herding breeds, like this one(looked like an Australian shepherd mix), this is how they would behave in the event that they had a squirrel trapped in a, relatively small, tree.

So as I got within earshot, I said “he has a squirrel up there doesn’t he?” to which the gentleman replied, “he sure does”.  I stopped and watched for a minute as the pup stood perfectly still just waiting for his quarry to make the first move.  It got me to thinking what would happen if the squirrel decided to chance fate and make a run for it.  My curiosity got the best of me so I asked.  The man’s reply was great, “I’ll let him chase it with me right behind him”.   My instant thought was for the man’s safety, “Won’t he pull you over??” to which he replied, “No, he will just walk after it until it goes up the next tree”.

This conversation and his answers to my questions were a highlight of my day.  Here I was, witness to a partnership between a man and his (actual) best friend.  They understood each other’s limitations, worked together to have a good time, and respected each other.  It was something that I strive to achieve in the relationships I have with my dogs and it was wonderful to see.

As I stood there and watched, I asked the man if I could take a picture for my blog.  He replied in the affirmative and I was able to capture a great picture of the scene and now I can share(the whole scene) with you!