There’s a LOT of this going around since yesterday. Everyone senses how stressed Kim and I are. Update on moving situation: We’ve, and by we, I mean Kim’s father, have found someone in michigan who is willing to rent to us on a month to month basis with all the animals. #unbelievable . #thankyousomuch We’ve been told by an industry veteran that wells Fargo has so many open cases being litigated by and for way more important people than us, that any legal action we take wont see the inside of a courtroom for years and years. The “late” reports on our credit will expire in March 2020 and it seems waiting for that and then revisiting a home loan is our best option. Lastly, and most importantly, I am so grateful for this family that we’ve created on fb/ig. I’ve purposely never talked about my life before Kim and Pei because I have been in some dark places and I don’t like thinking about it. I felt myself succumbing to some of the thought processes that led to a lot of that, yesterday. Having people to remind me about the changes I’ve made and good Ive done arrested that spiral and gave me a chance to breathe and center myself. Ty so so so so so much for that. Also, I can’t believe you guys with the donations! I can’t say thank you enough. I love you!