Three years ago, our, then foster, mama coral was “adopted” This is the full story from our blog….. —————————— Sully and Boo were over a year old when  Cece joined our family. Fast forward another year and we find ourselves as one of the Keystone foster families for a local pit bull rescue called Rugaz Rescue I remember I got a call during the day from my girlfriend informing me that there was a mama and a bunch of her pups at animal services scheduled for euthanasia the next day. Now the young lady that runs the rescue and my girlfriend, who are closer than peanut butter and jelly at that point, must have thought I wasn’t aware that  they used the fact that I wouldn’t say no to a dog that was on the euth list, but I knew, I just couldn’t say no when I knew we could help. So it came to be that Mama Coral, who’s namesake was Nemo’s mom from the movie, and her puppies came to The memory that sticks out the most to me about Coral is that she had some of the oddest body language that I have ever encountered. I have read about and educated myself on calming signals, if you haven’t heard the term…google it, and the minute she saw me she was throwing them left and right. I remember the first thing I said to my better half was that I didn’t trust Coral, that she should be very careful around her, and that I didn’t think we were going to be able to have her around the other dogs.  She told me I was off the reservation and she, once again, turned out to be right.  Coral was, and still is, amazing. Coral was the first nursing mother that I had ever been around, and the absurdity of her full teats earned her the honorary nickname of “Princess crazy nips” It was absolutely hilarious to me to watch/hear her walk, the flapping sound her teats made flapping to and fro sent me into fits of laughter every single time. My gf used to tell me that I was going to give Mama Coral a complex cause I made fun of her so much. But it was all out of love. After all her puppies had been adopted she became just another member of our pack. Her and Cece became best buddies and she loved herself some snuggle time. I became quite attached to her and it was a very, very sad day for m