Treating Mange-Jubilee

We haven’t had a foster with mange in quite awhile, we also haven’t had a case this bad since Darby.  We do have enough experience with demodectic mange now to get it taken care of relatively quickly, and I wanted to share that process with you.

Day 1

Oh mah gawwwwwd, she’s adorable! #mangeaintshit

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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh she’s so cuteeeeee

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@augustpink i know!!!!!!!

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I can’t even handle this dog, I wanna die she’s so friggin cute #yesthatisasnaggletooth

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Such a looker! #jubilee

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Better or worse?

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Medicated Baths

After giving the appropriate dosage of Bravecto(this is an off-label, but very effective use for fluralaner). We start daily medicated baths.  I haven’t done Day 3 yet, but I will update this with that video shortly!




Our girl’s skin is healing well now, I feel like baths would be detrimental to the healing process so we have put a stop on those for now.

Being a dog

One of the unsung heroes of healing, is play.  Keeping this little girl in a good place mentally is paramount in ensuring a quick healing turnaround.

On the surface, it might seem a little too new-agey.  But, just like the human proverb “laughter is the best medicine”, keeping a pup happy, well-exercised, and engaged will act like a shot of adrenaline to the immune system.


Day 15



21 thoughts to “Treating Mange-Jubilee”

  1. What a fantastic recovery! I absolutely believe that play time and lots of love are an essential part of the healing process for any animal. Their immune systems simply don’t work as well when they are depressed or don’t have any hope. Once they realize that there IS a better life waiting for them, their healing process begins. Thank you for all that you’ve done and continue to do for Jubilee and others.

    1. It’s my pleasure, of course. You couldn’t be more spot on about healing! I’ve seen so many pups come here that are just defeated, sick, and have no life to them. Once they get romping around the backyard, some loving from one of us humans, and they realize that it’s all downhill from here, its like a switch goes off…”ok, ill get better now”

  2. When I was a kid, one of our dogs had mange. Fortunately, we were able to treat her right away and it wasn’t very significant. I think you are spot on about happy dogs healing more quickly. Thank you for taking such good care of Jubilee!

    1. of course! Before I started working with rescue dogs, I, unknowingly, had a stereotype of dogs with mange. “Mangey Mutt” is a concise explanation of how I thought about these dogs. Then, once you get to be around them, its a whole different story

  3. Glad to hear how well she’s doing, and she’s lucky you had experience so you got her sorted quickly. We had a foster name Josephine with the same mange, and poor baby really suffered from it. She had bald patches, huge scabs on her head it was heartbreaking. She wasn’t treated for it well at the shelter so we had a big challenge ahead of us, especially finding a good enough vet who could help. We never gave up and after trying several treatments we finally got it under control. Thanks for sharing your story and helping others.

  4. What a wonderful story and am so happy she is doing well. I have not have a dog that had mange but a friend of mine adopted one and it was amazing to see the transformation on a daily basis as he would bring her to the dog park (away from the dogs) and on leash to stimulate her as he lived in an apartment.

  5. Oh new-agey or not I agree! Happiness is the key to health for every living being! I am so grateful people like you take care of pets in need! I have never been through mange with any of my pets so this is good to know if I ever go though it!

  6. Jubilee is absolutely gorgeous! She’s so lucky to have you to take such good care of her, and I’m glad she’s healing well. I can imagine mange could be frustrating and difficult to deal with.

  7. Wow, so many baths! It looks like your other dog wants to go in the tub too! Jubilee is so good in the tub too. I like your videos, only do you realize that several of them have long ads before the video starts?

    1. Yes I am and I’m working with the video host to make it so that only 1 ad will play per user instead of every video, my apologies for that

  8. Lots of baths! Our youngest was at the very end of his mange treatment when we adopted him, although he was being treated more as a precaution.

  9. This was so informative! I learned so much from your videos. So many baths, our dog Molly would just hate this!

  10. Jubilee looks so happy and healthy now! It’s crazy what love, a happy healthy environment and proper care can do (and meds and baths). Our boy Ringo came into foster care without a lick of hair on his entire body except a little strip between his shoulder blades from demodectic mange. You would never know it now though 🙂

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