#WeBelieveinNB because they show us the Safety Testing results!

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In our first installment, we talked about how Natural Balance® provided their customers with the Buy with Confidence Promise™ and focused on our interactions with a licensed vet tech, which led to our choice to switch Sully boy to the Wild Pursuit Trout Formula.  

img_7511.jpgBut, the Buy with Confidence promise is multi-faceted.  The other, perhaps more important, component is the transparency with which the company conducts their safety testing.  In order to provide their customers with the piece of mind that the food we have chosen is, first and foremost, safe for our dogs, the company allows the consumer to access the exact results of any given bag of food and provides those results right on the website!

When I sat down to check out the bag that we purchased from Petsmart, I was ready to go exploring for UPC codes or whatever other small, crazy numbers I was going to need.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that the only information needed was the formula name, the size of the bag, and the best buy date(which was super easy to find).  The results for Sully’s bag are below.


It’s such an awesome feeling to know that the food I am feeding my dog has undergone rigorous testing AND I have the specific proof that it is safe for him to eat.  It was something that I was forced to take for granted with previous food choices, but now that we have officially made our switch, I’ll never have to settle again!

After testing Sully’s food, I remembered that we had some Natural Balance food donated to our rescue, so like any kid who just found a super sweet new toy, I went and tested them too!



With the frequency and random nature of pet food recalls, it is such an empowering feeling to know that Natural Balance has such an intense focus on safety testing and they are willing to share that information with me simply so that I can sleep a tiny bit better at night!

If you are thinking about making a switch, I highly recommend visiting the Buy with Confidence Promise webpage and speaking with one of the licensed vet techs they have available in the live chat feature. Ask lots of questions about quality of ingredients, pros and cons of different formulas, your dog’s specific needs, etc.  That way, if you do decide to make the switch, you will know that you have the nutrition and health angles covered and when you get home, you can hop on that same site to get the safety testing results for that bag!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Natural Balance. The opinions and text are all mine.

13 thoughts to “#WeBelieveinNB because they show us the Safety Testing results!”

  1. It’s important to feel confident and happy with the food your pet eats and the company that produces it.

  2. Full disclosure is always a good idea for a company. We don’t do dog food but we do have an indoor potty system called the PupHead (it’s related hold on!) and there are a lot of faux grass options out there but PupHead are the only ones that provide the full list of materials. A lot of the other companies have led paint in the product! yikes!

  3. Our dog’s bestie is thriving on Natural Balance LID. I am so glad you are getting the word out there. The Buy WIth Confidence promise is very important and I like that folks can talk to a vet tech for any info needed.

  4. I absolutely agree safety first. I’m glad to know they have some such rigorous testing. Our cats LOVE their treats more than just about anything

  5. Because Piper has to be on a grain free, single protein diet I am constantly searching for foods that meet both that criteria and my standards for health and safety. I didn’t know about the Natural Balance “Buy with Confidence Promise”which I really appreciate. I just went back to read your earlier post about the Wild Pursuit Trout Formula as Piper does best on fish protein and that seems like a good option for her. Thanks!

  6. I have been hearing such good reviews about this product but now that i have seen the test results i am now throughly convinced about the brand

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