Well, this is Freddie

I got a call a week ago from a frantic K2.  Someone in the rescue had come upon a poor soul that had been struck by a car.  His front leg was in pretty bad shape.  I was informed that he was headed to “doc’s” aka the rescue’s go to vet, and that we were probably going to have to take in another foster.2016-05-19 21.11.54

“Sure, why not”.  I lost my sanity around 20 fosters ago, what’s one more gonna hurt?!

The vet clinic quickly realized that his leg was probably going to need amputation.  But, wanting to avoid that if possible, they kept him, waiting out the injury to try and assess how bad the damage was and if the only option, was indeed amputation.

Fast forward to now.  This little guy is here, with his leg.  He has very little use of it at the moment, but the vet thinks this may change with time and a bit of physical therapy.

I have to admit, these are uncharted waters for me(us) because Freddie is very different from our usual fosters.  Mostly in the fact that he is a CAT!  He is our first foster kitty, but when a life is in need of some TLC, this is probably the right place for them to be.

So here is Freddie, all the big dogs, and the other cat have him a bit on edge, but from what I’ve been told, he is quite friendly

P.S. If anyone has experience with fostering cats, please contact us or comment below with anything that I should watch out for, do, or know about!