What a Morning!

This morning, in a half asleep stupor, I agreed to take care of the upstair’s doggy morning duties because K2(how I will be referring to my girlfriend from now on) was running late.  “Not a big deal” I thought, we help each other out around this joint!

Well, I forgot to follow my own advice and left the 2 small pups in the smaller x-pen overnight.  The didn’t have enough of an area to do their business and avoid it while doing the things puppies do.  This resulted in an epic wrestling match conducted in and around all of their overnight “deposits”!

I smelled it before I saw it, there was poop everywhere, the worst poopageddon of all time!  All over the puppies, all over the floor, all over the x-pen, it was a disaster of epic proportions!  The puppies needed a bath and I had to clean up before the other dogs started tracking the mess all over the house.  All the while, the little lady was demanding food, drink, and her movie while trying to help me clean up, bless her heart.

Did I mention that I hadn’t even had a cup of coffee yet!?!

The bright spot of the morning was definitely the change in Darby.  He is such a happy, sweet, amazing little boy.  He’s got to be so uncomfortable with how bad his mange is, but he just keeps that tail wagging and wants nothing more than to be loved on.

Mama Ireyln has started chewing on the trim in the upstairs bedroom so I took her an antler to see if that will help.  I’m considering bringing her puppies downstairs during the day to give her a break.  She has been nursing for over 2 months now and I feel sorry for the poor thing.  I think it might be a welcome respite for her during the day to be able to relax without constantly having puppies demand milk from her overworked teats.  I’ll have to see what K2 thinks.

The storm has now passed though, I have coffee, the mess is cleaned up, and now I can go do the morning tomfoolery with our dogs in the backyard.  Life is good!