What would you do?

Wildfire terrorizing Ft. McMurray

Imagine this scenario.

You are on a trip out of town.  Your phone starts to yell at you with one of those emergency alerts that you set up.  You look down expecting to see an amber alert or crime in progress within a few miles of your house.  As you read the text your heart feels like it’s in your throat and the bottom of your stomach at the same time.  The wildfire in your hometown is getting worse, and they have issued a mandatory evacuation order for your neighborhood…

As the panic starts to set in, the picture of 3 sets of feline eyes pushes its way into the forefront of your thoughts.  Your cats are home alone, you have no way to get to them out, they are going to die if you can’t find a way to rescue them.

What do you do???

In an age of social media, you hop on social media, in a hail mary effort, to find someone in your town that is willing to help you.  You beg and plead on your town’s page for someone, anyone, to rescue your babies.  You know it’s a long shot, people are evacuating, but what else is there to do?

saving cats
Safe and sound after being rescued. What lucky kitties!

That’s when a hero materializes out of thin air! Reddit user Ftmaclocksmith sees your facebook post and decides to take on the responsibility of rescuing your furkids.  This amazing person actually breaks into your home and saves all three of your cats!

This amazing, and true, story was recently posted to the /r/aww subreddit.  Heroes come in many forms, but it takes someone of spectacular character and moral fiber to put themselves at risk in order to save lives that were otherwise going to be left to the voracious wildfires terrorizing this Canadian town.

Take a minute and visit the thread he created and let him know what a wonderful person he is! https://www.reddit.com/r/aww/comments/4hyepe/broke_into_the_owners_house_to_grab_these_3_guys/

This is the type of thing that really validates that there is still hope for humanity! Kudos Ftmaclocksmith

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  1. This guy really is a hero!! This is such a beautiful story! I would be heartbroken in my dogs are left in that building 🙁 and let’s face it, being caught in a fire must be a HORRIBLE death :(!! Love x

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