What’s the nastiest thing your dog has ever eaten?

i0Bm8K0A redditor recently asked “what is the nastiest thing your dog has ever eaten” while telling this story:


Soooooo my dog ate a used condom last night which I didn’t know about until she tried to pass it this afternoon. I knew she had gotten into the trash, but only found some chewed paper and wrappers and such. Utterly grossed out…. She ran to me after my husband found her nosing through the trash and sat there giving me this look!

But that was only the beginning, dogs love to and will eat some the nastiest things.  Some of the stuff is truly disgusting, it’s a wonder these puppers don’t get sick!  The iron gut is an understatement.


I had a bad stomach bug once and one of my dogs got into my puke bucket and ate the whole thing.

It didn’t agree with her though and about five minutes later she puked my puke back up.

Then along came my other dog……..


Poop from my other dog’s butt as he’s pooping. Gag


My dog got into the trash a few years ago and ate a used tampon. I only found out after she digested it. I am unsure how she was able to pass it.


My cat’s diarrhea, as it was falling from it’s arse.


Cat shit. I only knew when she licked my face after…


Baby poop out of a diaper. Used pads and tampons out of the garbage. A live baby bunny. He’s a Jack Russell and obviously has a taste for nasty.


One time my brother’s kid who was in the process of potty training, couldn’t make it to the toilet and took a dump in the kitchen. My brother cleaned him up in the bathroom, came back to the kitchen and one of their dogs had already thoughtfully cleaned it up for him.


Part of a rotting deer carcass. His breath literally smelled like death.



Not my dogs, the dogs at work. I work at a horse farm, and the blue heeler had been eating hoof trimmings and horse shit. She vomited a solid log of literal shit, and the other dog came by, ate the shit-puke, was fine for 20 minutes and then vomited it back up. The blue heeler returned and claimed what was originally hers.


My dogs like to eat our chickens’ poop. They get even more excited if it’s fresh

These are pretty gross, but I’m sure we can beat them on the yuck-o-meter…

So what’s the nastiest thing your dog has ever eaten???