Who is saving who?


As I lay in bed last night, sardined between my 4 dogs, and fresh off of cleaning a couple dozen piles of puppy poo, I started thinking about what we do.

Since I’ve been actively documenting our daily lives with the dogs, I find myself becoming more and more thankful for them. My thoughts last night drifted from one foster to another, our dogs and the little lady, just lazily making their way through the meadows of my mind. When suddenly it occurred to me how much work we actually put in on a daily basis. How much gross we have to tackle, and how any sane person would be miserable if tasked with our lives.

It made me wonder what makes us so different. Because, in all honesty, I’m never as happy as when I am doing things for our dogs. I’m probably a little less happy when dealing with poopageddon in the morning from the puppies, but I think it all boils down to how much I truly love dogs. Compared to how much our dogs(both the crew and our fosters) give us in the way of love, compassion, a shoulder to cry on, a snuggle when needed, or a good face lick in the morning, the work and gross seem like peanuts.

So I wonder, are we special? Or do others just underestimate how much dogs can improve their mood, their health, and their overall well being? I am confident that it is the latter. I think that anyone who already loves dogs should look into fostering, not only to save the dogs, but to grow as a person, to be more happy on a daily basis, and to have a permanent smile on your face!

If anyone that happens upon my musings should find themselves  becoming interested in fostering a dog, please shoot us an email, we have a pretty extensive network of fellow fosters, rescues, etc around the country. I’m sure we will be able to put you into contact with a rescue that needs your help!