Woman hurt in dog attack that killed her pet

She tried to pick up her dog, but the boxers began attacking her

Source: Woman hurt in dog attack that killed her pet

This is a tragic turn of events and we are sending healing vibes in this elderly woman’s direction.

Perhaps it is because I just reported a case where a community was trying to uphold BSL laws yesterday, but I couldn’t help but notice that I had to read at least 6 headlines before I saw what breed the dogs happened to be.

If this were a bully breed it would have been plastered all over the news(not just in minnesota) and calls for BSL legislation would be heard ringing from the mountaintops. But because this irresponsible owner happened to fancy Boxer’s rather than pit bulls, this will stay a local news story.

It’s time to switch our paradigm. Regardless of breed, dog’s raised irresponsibly can be very dangerous. Let’s start educating the public about the correct ways to teach a dog obedience and good manners. Lets do away with BSL laws that unfairly punish completely innocent dogs for the actions of a few guilty humans.