My worst fear, a dog fight

In the next moment, as my foot swung towards it’s intended target, the dog must have realized I had seriously bad intentions, because he broke to my left, causing me to adjust and catch Boo’s muzzle just enough to barely miss him as he flew by us.  As mentioned, I wasn’t about to let this dog near mine.  So, with my left arm still extended to keep myself between him and her, I went after him.

Fortunately, he thought better of an exchange with me(one we both probably would have left bloodied) and backed a few yards away, hackles up, barking mad, but steadily retreating.  The adrenaline was surging through my veins at this point, so I wasn’t about to let him rethink his decision.  I growled at him like there was an inferno born of brimstone in the pit of my stomach, “GET THE #@%^ AWAY FROM MY DOG” as I went forward with every inch of height and width my frame could muster.  I continued advancing, furiously snarling, daring him to come forward at my girl again.

2016-04-22 13.13.42As I backed him off, the woman came running from the garage “I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry”.  I picked up the end of the retractable leash which lay at my feet, tossing it at her, ready to verbally destroy her for her irresponsibility.  But, in the next moment, I thought better of it, it would serve no purpose.  I simply said nothing and got my dog out of the situation before anything else could happen.

The aftermath

As I jogged away, all that was going through my head was “thank god it wasn’t Sully or Mama Coral”.  Boo’s DNA results came back as mostly Amstaff, but she doesn’t look bullyish.  Sully and Mama do, and, had they been able to get to that dog, they would have torn him apart.  I would be dealing with registering them as “dangerous” and the stigma associated with bully breeds because some idiot dog owner decided it was a good idea to let her young child handle a highly reactive dog in public.

Think what you will about this next statement, but, I would have killed him myself before I let him get near my dog and if I had the little lady with me, I would have completely lost it on the dog, his owner, and would probably be in a holding cell right now facing a slew of felony charges.

The Takeaway

I had another two miles of running to playback the scenario in my head.  The only thing that I kept coming back to is “thank god I had a plan”.  It may not have been the right plan for other people, but it was my plan and I had rehearsed it many, many times in my head before it actually needed to be put into action.  If there is a lesson to be learned from this experience, it is, definitely, to prepare for and expect the worst whenever you have your dog(s) out in public.  You may have a bomb-proof dog that will listen to anything you say, in any situation, and would never hurt a fly, but there is a dog owner out there who is stupid, incompetent, and irresponsible and their dog may cross your path one day.

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  1. That is so amazing that you always have a plan for a variety of scenarios. I guess because I adopt old dogs and they can’t walk too far, I’ve never been in an uncertain situation, and would never have thought to have a plan of action. You have definitely opened my eyes which I appreciate. I want to scream at all these irresponsible people who have no idea what they’re doing, and should not have a dog. Tied to a tree? Sickening. So glad you and your dog are okay.

  2. Wow! I have so much I want to add and comment on this post but it would be a post in itself. First of all I’m glad for you it turned out the way it did because I know it could have all ended up so very bad. Retractable leashes in my opinion should not exist and to have a young child holding this dog on a retractable leash is a recipe for disaster. Dogs tied up in yards or trees are sure to make for a reactive situation. I am always on the look out for off leash dogs. When I hear “my dog is friendly, he’s ok” this makes me cringe! Not all dogs are social or want another dog in their space.

  3. I’m sorry you had to go through such a rotten experience. People amaze me with their lack of regard for others.

  4. Oh no. That is … ugh. People. So glad it ended up with everyone ok!! Since my dog is 3.5 pounds dog fights are a big fear for me. I have tried to learn dog body language to read the dog rather than the owners words.

  5. It’s so frustrating when people have intense (for lack of a better word) dogs in the charge of children or just randomly out in the front yard. I walk with two large dogs (Golden Ret. & Doberman) and they’re fine UNTIL an unsupervised dogs comes at us. Thankfully this hasn’t happened often, but my Dobie snaps into protection mode of the Golden and me and turns into a leaping/lunging Tasmanian Devil. I have to muscle them the opposite direction while yelling at the other dog. Not a pleasant way to walk through the neighborhood.

  6. Yikes – I can see that happening to or with Kilo. I have to be so careful as he is reactive and hates dogs off leash and certain dogs in his immediate neighbourhood even on leash- a mix of fear and defence. Luckily I can pick him up and dogs that have come up have not actually been biting so I get between them and him and yell (and yes I would kick away if necessary).

  7. Wow! How scary! I’ve seen a few puncture wounds from dog fights in my time as a vet tech. They are no fun! I’m so glad you both came away safe!

  8. This is my biggest fear also and seen it happen in the park, I think that is why I am happy Layla does not go near where a lot of the dogs hang out

  9. It’s always so scary. I have writen articles and made a video on options to keep a dog and yourself safe. It’s scary. I’m so glad you and Boo were ok.

  10. Wow, I had my heart in my mouth the whole time I was reading this! I’m so relieved none of you were hurt. It makes me crazy when people let a child hold a dog’s leash by themselves. Most dogs can easily get loose from a child’s grasp if they want to. I’m with you, I would kill to protect my girls even if it meant getting torn & bloodied myself. We have a few reactive dogs here & I have a plan as well. You must be prepared for anything.
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  11. That’s so scary! We’ve been in that situation a couple of times. In my case because Mr. N is so tiny, I worry about him getting killed or seriously injured rather than that he’s going to get a dangerous dog designation.

  12. I’m glad that it wasn’t worse. We had a dog rush us one night on a walk. Thank goodness my husband was there and was able to scare the dog off just by yelling at it. Otherwise my little Maltese would probably have been seriously injured. I picked her up, but I admit I was worried that the dog would bite my arm. I have broken both my arms and I always a little leery of them getting injured again. I’m sad to say that my default action was to freeze for a split second then yell in a high pitched voice- I need a better plan.

  13. This is never a fun situation to be in! I am glad this turned out okay. Everyone should have a plan in place for this situation.

  14. I would have been scared stiff then hit the dog bloody hard. Dogs killed Dash Kitten, and while I love and respect dogs, one coming it me would have me meeting him halfway with fists and feet flying.

  15. I’m so happy everything turned out well!! I got bitten by a dog last week! I was at a training session, and another dog attacked Amy 2 times! Amy was lying down on the ground, scared to move, and the dog continued to bite her! So when I tried to get the other dog away from Amy, he bit me. The owner never apologized. At least you got an apology, haha :D!

  16. Im glad things didnt get worse for you. This happened years ago with me and Prince luckily our stray dogs came to the rescue who eree my friends and chased the other dog away

  17. There is a dog-aggressive dog in my neighborhood that recently attacked three different dogs on three separate occasions. It’s changed the entire dynamic of our once peaceful and friendly neighborhood as the owners refuse to get rid of it. I wrote about the situation in a recent blog post of my own. It was well you had a plan and I am glad nothing worse came of your situation. I now carry a blackjack when I walk Bitsy and will certainly take all measures to protect her.

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