Would you clone your dog?


As I was reading my google news alerts this morning, a shocking headline grabbed my attention.  “For 100k, you can clone your dog”.  I’m all for science, but cloning?!  

Apparently, this company, Sooam Biotech Research Foundation, has been cloning dogs for over 10 years!  My knee jerk reaction to reading about this was “why?”.  I understand that the  bond that a person forms with their dog is probably one of the most meaningful and deep relationships in their lives, but the company informs the clients that “a clone is not an identical twin of the original pet, but has a lot of the genetic predispositions and the potential to develop as the original pet”. So what would be the reasoning behind cloning your dog?  I can see the need for cloning working dogs that have proven themselves as being genetically superior in performing their jobs(military, police, etc) but for the run-of-the-mill dog owner, I really don’t understand!

Image from the movie Pet Sematary. I’m still haunted by seeing this movie as a child

If I were to clone one of my pups, I would be getting a dog that looks like my old dog but it won’t be the same as my old dog.  Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but that just seems downright creepy!  Visions of the old movie Pet Semetary start running through my head and I find myself wanting to be as far away from a cloned dog as physically possible!

I will admit though, the analytical part of my brain wants to know more.  I think that a LOT of information regarding the heritability of certain behavioral characteristics can be gleaned from the comparison of the original and the clone.  Also, the nature vs. nurture debate can find a perfect subject for experimentation in the pair.

This all goes without taking the ethical issues that arise from this sort of science.  I’m interested to hear your opinions on this news and everything that comes along with it!

Source: For $100K, you can clone your dog | Tempo – The Nation’s Fastest Growing Newspaper

2 replies on “Would you clone your dog?”

  1. I think it’s dumb- that’s a ridiculous amount of money to spend on an animal that isn’t even likely to have the same phenotype or behavior. Especially if it’s a purebred and you can just buy another from the same breeder/line. And no one ever thinks about the donor and surrogate mothers: it takes so many attempts to create a viable, healthy clone- the lab uses a lot of dogs or cats in the process. What happens to them?

    But yeah, if I had a cloned dog, it would probably creep me out too!

    1. I agree. It seems that the folks that this company is targeting have way more money than brains!

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