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Loving Companions Animal Rescue, Incorporated is a non-profit corporation created to save and care for unwanted, abandoned animals in the interior of the State of Alaska. All our staff are volunteers who receive no pay, work many hours to help the community and promote a better life for animals and offer the community an alternative to killing unwanted pets.

We are an organization designed to save from destruction those usually older pets that have become hard to place because of their age or disabilities. These once great pets and friends are no longer wanted by the general population. We strive to give them a warm, comfortable home and try to place them with a new family that will have the ability and desire to care for such an animal. We will strive to maintain comfortable surroundings for those animals that cannot be placed to insure they are able to live out their natural life.

Our goal is to work with shelters, humane organizations, and other rescue organizations to build a network of animal organizations to sponsor and develop a no-kill community for the Interior and Far North Regions of Alaska and to provide a network of volunteers and coordination to develop solutions and strategies for the community.

We desire to create a new world for homeless pets, support and manage a low cost spay and neuter program, set up a system of foster homes and maintain a flexible adoption program.

We are always in need of:
    Pet food (fresh knuckle bones, freezer burnt meat,
    canned meat -- and fish, dry or canned milk, dog, and cat treats)
    Pet supplies (large dog crates, houses, carriers, leashes, collars)
    Funds for medical costs and medicine.
HUNTERS: Please don't throw your bones or meat scraps away, put them to good use and donate them to help feed the dogs. We will pick up the items, just call us at 347-4829.

For Sale

We have some small and medium sized kennels or crates for sale ranging in price from $10.00 to $25.00. Call 488-0516, or 347-4829.


Mailing address and location is: 1360 Old Richardson Hwy. North Pole, Alaska 99705 Phone number is 907-488-0516 or 907-347-4829

Directions to our rescue center.



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