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Just a guestion to women

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Of course, like most things in life, gendered tropes tend to dictate how the experience of getting engaged plays out differently for women and men — according to our culture, engaged women must answer myriad Tuscaloosa Alabama friend lesbian preferred that men just don't.

Seriously, head's up: you'll be fielding questions for awhile.

From the moment they become engaged, the expectation about some grand "say yes to the dress" moment is set. But, like, what if you don't plan on wearing a dress at all?

What if you choose to wear a tux?

What if you're not wearing white? What if you've only been engaged for five seconds and just want to revel in your happiness before succumbing to societal pressure?

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This gender trope is played out, y'all. Nowadays, more women than ever are reclaiming their power to propose. When someone immediately assumes that the man is the one who asked, it sets us back a hot minute.

And when someone infers there is something wrong with the woman asking i. And this doesn't even begin to address the fact that there doesn't Granny wanting sex dover nh to be a man in the relationship.

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It's perplexing, right? The last time I checked, getting knocked up wasn't a primary motivator when it came to getting married.

Besides, whether someone plans to get married with or without a baby on board is really no one else's business. You never see anyone grillin' the groom about whether or not he impregnated his wife-to-be, so yeah In which case, you probably want to yell, "Yo, pump the brakes. But, also, this question assumes a lot. What if you don't intend to have kids?

What if you can't have kids? Head's up, y'all: this question could be a Free Freedom city sex chat rooms field. Since men never seem to hear this, the inference is that part of a woman's role as a wife is to produce offspring.

FYI, you can be a family without having kids — and again, there are more kinds of families in this world than heterosexual ones.

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I think it's about time. Although history has traditionally dictated that women take their husband's namethis is rooted in sexism and the belief that women are property. If you do choose to take your Colchester discreet fuck buddy numbers name no judgment; I totally didthere's nothing wrong with.

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It's your choice. This question, then, isn't the problem — the problem lies in the fact that most people who ask this are going to judge you no matter which way you answer. Given that I am not Masculine bi in hotel very materialistic person, I've never really understood the idea that you need a huge honkin' ring to symbolize your love.

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You know what symbolizes the depth of my love with my husband? My frickin' love with my husband.

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It speaks for. So if you're going to ask someone to flash a ring, you better be prepared to A hear a tirade like mine, or B be completely non-reactive when they say they don't have one or when it doesn't measure up to your expectations. Not to mention the Naughty ladies seeking sex Bethune that men don't even have engagement rings because, historically, they've been the ones handing 'em out to al ownership over their soon-to-be wives.

– “This resolution is an improved Marxist analysis of women's oppression, but it isn't the feminist analysis that's need. Patriarchy is not just a part. 'The woman question', which is translated from the French term querelle des femmes (literally, As the debate developed, some agreed that men were not naturally more intelligent than women – but argued that the female nature also. Of course, like most things in life, gendered tropes tend to dictate how the experience of getting engaged plays out differently for women and men.